A song I like...

with a color in the title:

girl, summer, and blue image shoes, aesthetic, and blue image
'Cause I'ma ride or die, whether you fail or fly / Blue Jeans / Lana Del Rey

with a number in the title:

Temporarily removed Image by {V}
Think you love the idea of us more than the real thing / 1 SIDED LOVE / blackbear

that reminds me of summertime:

couple, beach, and love image beach, couple, and romantic image
Runnin' with you it's like we're in a memory / Waste my Time / Grace VanderWaal

that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget:

fingers, hands, and love image aesthetic, building, and black and white image
I'm holding on, I know it's wrong, But I can't see your side / In My Head / Peter Manos

that needs to be played out loud:

Image removed purple, pastel, and aesthetic image
'Cause that girl took my heart and I don't want it back / sex / EDEN

that makes me want to dance:

boy, korean, and aesthetics image japan, tokyo, and train image
Watch me take a good thing and fuck it all up in one night / I think I'm OKAY / Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker

to drive to:

car, vintage, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
Maybe you weren't the one for me, But deep down I wanted you to be / Coaster / Khalid

that's about drugs and alcohol:

Abusive image eye, purple, and grunge image
Got a lot of drugs with me right now, But I'd rather just get high off you / High off You / Yo Trane

that makes me happy:

girl, summer, and beach image girl, inspiration, and laugh image
Fallin' over the fear of looking in your eyes / Ur So Beautiful / Grace VanderWaal

that makes you sad:

academia, aesthetic, and aesthetics image boy, aesthetic, and grunge image
I'll do anything for love, I don't feel like I'm enough / I Can't Carry This Anymore / Anson Seabra

♡ Hope you liked it ♡