If I was in Game of Thrones

i have changed a few things from the show and books to suit my character and her storyline.

Name: Lady Maryana Tyrell

House Tyrell
Sigil: Golden Rose on a green field
Words: "Growing Strong."

game of thrones, tyrell, and growing strong image
A silver version of the house sigil


285 AC at Highgarden to Lord Mace Tyrell and Lady Alerie Tyrell. Two years after Margaery and three after Loras. The last of her house.


Eyes of light brown, a hint of green or yellow according to the color of the dress she wore. Long, curled silver hair similar to her mother, Alerie, and much different from her other family members. Her skin was warm and sun kissed due to the bright sun in Highgarden. Her color of dress was usually light pink and baby blue, darken throughout her later lifetime.

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Emotionally strong, quick witted, intelligent, resourceful, realist, a survivor. Maryana was determined, a bit of a bookworm and knew the entire history of the Targaryen Reign - her ancestral maternal family of which added up to her silver hair which she was proud of. Her looks often gave her a bit of confidence, the confidence thinning during her beginning time spent in the North.


After rapidly fleeing King's Landing due to the death of her sister and brother, Maryana rode for weeks alongside two knights sworn to house Tyrell and not Lannister or Baratheron. They rode to Winterfell, where Robb Stark had returned after escaping the red wedding on mere luck. The silver haired girl sought asylum in the north, becoming a cherished guest of the King's. They soon fell in love, marrying underneath the dim sun in a soft snowfall.

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Shortly after the wedding, it was announced that Maryana was with child and nine months later she had birthed a young daughter, named Eylana Stark. The couple had another child after the Great War between the army of the dead and the northmen. His name was Eddard Stark the Second of his name, Heir to the North.

vikings, medieval, and child image
Maryana and little Eddard


A short list of prominent quotes to Maryana.

"When the Rose enters the North, it's kindness spreads and warms the hearts of the cold men."
— Robb to Maryana before their wedding night.
"I have no money, no army. But I do have a target on my head by Queen Cersei Lannister."
— Maryana before entering Winterfell.
"My dear pups, one day when all is safe, I'll have to take you to Highgarden to see the sun where it shines in a land of year long summer."
— Maryana to her children.
"My sweet grand daughter, you mustn't stay ride to Highgarden. Cersei will look for you there even before you arrive. You must seek asylum in the North where no Tyrell has ever been."
— Olenna to Maryana before the destruction of the Citadel.