Hi everyone! Heres a short article on epithets of Aphrodite.
Epithets are words or phrases applied to a person or thing to describe a quality. It might sound confusing but it will all make sense once we get into the article. Hope you enjoy!

Aligena - Sea Born

aesthetic, femme, and girl image girl, grunge, and indie image

Ambologera - She Who Postpones Old Age

editorial, fashion, and model image aesthetic, flowers, and alternative image

Androphonos - Killer of Men

red, rose, and dress image aesthetic and girl image

Anosia - Unholy

androgynous, dark, and Darkness image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Basilis - Queen

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Eleemon - Merciful

angel, artistic, and beautiful image Abusive image

Enoplios - Bearing Weapons

Image by ℳaría~ kiss, art, and white image

Epitumbidia - She Upon the Graves

aesthetic, beige, and black image fashion, dress, and style image

Euplois - Fair Sailing

aesthetic, alternative, and art image summer, travel, and vintage image

Heteira - Courtesan

Image removed Temporarily removed

Kallisti - the Fairest

Temporarily removed beach, dress, and mediterranean image

Khruse - Golden

Abusive image aesthetic, art, and indie image

Morpho - Shapely

aesthetic, bikini, and body image girl, model, and aesthetic image

Ourania - Heavenly

accessories, delicate, and earrings image aesthetic, alternative, and art image

Pandemos - of All People

blue, flowers, and girl image Temporarily removed

Pasiphaessa - the Far-Shining

Temporarily removed fire, water, and theme image

Pelagia - of the Sea

aesthetic, girl, and summer image aesthetic, alternative, and archive image

Porne - Fleshy; Prostitute

Image removed boy, couple, and girl image

Skotia - Dark

aesthetic, girl, and model image fantasy and royalty image

Summakhia - Ally in War

amber heard and the danish girl image fashion, black, and dress image

Tumborukhos - Gravedigger

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Thats all for now-- thanks for reading!