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Travelling can offer people some great experience. They can have the time of their lives... if it's done with the right company.

There's no better way to get to know someone than to travel with them. You see people at their best, and you see them at their worst. Travelling has a way of stripping back any pretence, a way of revealing your friends and partners for who they really are.

The worst thing is travelling across the world with the wrong person or group. So, here are the types of people you should try to avoid going on holidays with:


Ugh, be ready to have the most uncomfortable times of your life ever. For me, it's ok to have a couple in a big group of people, but being single and alone with them in an unknown place is a whole different situation.

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Most of the times, you will feel uncomfortable being with them, even if they say they want you as their company. They will need private space and you will be left alone with nobody else and nothing to do. Even your way of having fun will differ from theirs. You'll probably want to be out all day and night, but they'll just sit around and chill, leaving you alone and bored.


Going on holidays with a large group of people will be fun, right? Not so much. The idea of a friend to bring people you don't personally know on your vacation isn't a really good one.

First of all, you can't know if you personally like them and if your ways of entertainment conforms to theirs. You may, aslo, find trouble in communicating and in scheduling your whole day.

So, prefer to schedule your holidays with people who you've known for a while, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Whingers seem determined to have a bad time when they travel, even if everything is okay. When you go on holiday with someone who is always moody, they will end up trying to dampen your mood too.

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These are the individuals who are not open to trying new experiences, getting lost in the culture, mingling with the locals and meeting new people and so on and so forth. It can also limit the things you want to do in that place.

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I know in everyday life we can all be pretty tight with money (heck, I’m one of them!). But the moment it comes to going on a holiday where you know activities will be involved like partying, museums, tours, water sports etc – it does sometimes mean you will spend a bit more money than you would usually do.

I’m all here for trying to make my trips as cheap as possible, but there are also people out there who just seem allergic to spending money. When you're travelling together, that's kind of a nightmare.

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There is so much to explore, why waste all your time, money and energy just to go across the world to sleep and do nothing? Don’t fall for the trap! Get out, explore and go to all the places you want to, even if that means going on your own.

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It can be really annoying watching a person getting ready for like an hour or two, especially if you've scheduled specific things. And yet, after all these hours, he/she will remember to pick up a few things, to change the worn outfit and suddenly reconsider the day's plans, while you're just waiting lying on the bed, bored to death.

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Holidays is the time for you to relax and have the time of your life. Don't be afraid to be picky with who you decide to spend that period of time with.

I hope your vacations turns out as you've dreamt it would be and don't experience any unpleasant surprises! Thank you for your time!

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