Thinking about birth wishes was hard for me because many things I want are already practiced at the hospital. I felt kind of dumb writing them down knowing they are part of the midwives working protocol. That's why there might be missing a thing or two in my list. However, these are my main wishes for the hospital when I am giving birth:

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I want to stay at home for as long as possible during the first stage of labor. But I want to give birth at the hospital and I want to have a vaginal birth. I want my hospital room to be quiet and the atmosphere calm. I only want to have my bf with me in the room most of the time. Midwifery students are welcome.

After giving birth we would like to have “a family room” at the ward or go to the hotel (there is a hotel next to our hospital that has rooms for patients and also midwives that check the baby a few times a day + can help if needed).

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Pain relief

I want to be able to move during labor to reduce pain. I wish to use birthing ball. I also want to try other natural pain relief methods before any medicine. I am interested in TENS and gel packs. I would also like to try shower and/or taking a bath.

If needed I am open to medical pain-relieving options. Especially nitrous oxide, pcb (paracervical block) and pudendal block are things I am interested in trying.

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I want to start pushing in all fours so that my upper body is leaning towards the headboard of the bed. I also want to try pushing on my side and maybe in half-seated position.

I want my bf to cut the umbilical cord. And I want to get the baby to my chest as soon as possible.

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I want to breastfeed and I am open to skin to skin contact to make that easier. I don't want the baby to have formula unless it is needed for medical reasons. I want nurse to check if the baby has right position when I am breastfeeding.

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Thanks for reading. ♡