Hlovate is one of my favorite authors.

I start to read Hlovate’s book when I was 13 years old. At that time, one of my friends recommends me Hlovate’s book. When I read it, I don’t really understand the storyline because he or she used so many English words (at that time, I don’t really well in English). And all of the stories were unique and not cliché.

After almost 10 years, I still read his or her book. Never bored of his or her story. And I have collection almost of his or her book.

And it’s been 3 years since his or her last book. And actually, the publisher of the book was closed permanently start this year. But, they promised to still publish Hlovate’s book.

I miss your unique story, Hlovate.
And I still waiting for your new book.
Hopefully soon.