hello hearters ❤ i'm back again with a new article! (yay) this time i'm doing the "my celeb crushes tag". hope you enjoy :)

let's start!

1) Tom Holland

Image removed tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image
british actor; i just love the way he talks and his acting is pretty great. He looks extremely good... he's my all time crush lol ;)

2) Olivia de Jonge

the society and olivia dejonge image the society and olivia dejonge image
australian actress; ok here's the thing, blondes are usually not my type, but i just love her overall look, she has a unique face in my opinion. she's also a very talented actress! you may know her from "the society".

3) Xavier Samuel

man and xavier samuel image adore, gif, and xavier samuel image
australian actor; he's not that famous unfortunately, because he is a great actor! and very attractive, just look at his smile...ugh.

4) Ariana Grande

ariana grande and meet and greet image Mature image
american singer; i mean come on, she is one of the most beautiful women and amazingly talented! i've been a fan for 5 years now and i just love her :')

5) Jacob Elordi

Mature image Image removed
australian actor; he is exactly my type, brown hair, brown eyes. his acting in "euphoria" is phenomenal!


rosalia image rosalia image
spanish singer; rosalia is the only spanish singer i listen too, although i don't really like latin music, i really enjoy hers! she is also very pretty :)

7) Jack Gilinsky

jack and jack, jack g, and jack gilinsky image jack gilinsky, jack and jack, and boy image
american singer; i love jack gilinsky's voice, it's so pretty. he is handsome asf too lmao.

8) Kristine Froseth

kristine froseth and looking for alaska image beautiful, girl, and john green image
norwegian-american actress; her face and eyes are so damn pretty! i also love her in "the society" as well!

9) Timothy Granaderos

boys, daddys, and timothy granaderos image actor, guys, and Hot image
american actor; he is handsome as hell and his role in "13 reasons why" may be an a*shole but he just looks too cute lol and he plays it really good!

ok last but definitely not least...


banks, makeup, and rose image banks, black and white, and keane image
american singer/songwriter; her full name is Jilian Rose Banks. she is just exactly the type of woman i love, so beautiful! and not only her look is breathtaking, her songs are one of the best i've heard in a long time and her voice is so unique, i love!

soo that was all i have haha! i hope you enjoyed lol. if you found one of your crushes too give this article a like ;) btw did you notice how many of my crushes are australian?? i should move there...lol.
ily. see you on the next article, thank you for reading 💛