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Hi again, it's me, Lorena! How are you? As usual, be assured I wish you the best and some good (and spicy) news during this week! Here we go with the zodiac boys... Hope you'll appreciate it ☼ #SunSymbolGang (remember it?)


quotes image daddy, girl, and science fiction image boy, cup, and hands image Playboy, home alone, and boy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed boy, grunge, and beach image smile, boy, and dimples image coachella, festival, and inspiration image words, quote, and love image


Temporarily removed blue, boy, and skin image cigarette, boy, and smoke image art, mona lisa, and funny image Temporarily removed Image by ☠ Cαяlos ☢


mine and quote image art, artist, and colour image Temporarily removed cat, green, and aesthetic image laizz image quotes, words, and inspiration image


quotes, sunshine, and sun image Temporarily removed eyes, eye, and aesthetic image clock and vintage image Image removed quotes, sun, and aesthetic image


aesthetic, text, and chat image sweater and outfit image boy and handsome image boy, art, and vintage image boy, bed, and aesthetic image Image by mack


quote image cat, boy, and sleep image Image by Privégebruiker boy, model, and guy image Temporarily removed love, quotes, and aesthetic image


tauofam image boy, sad, and smoke image jeans, aesthetic, and theme image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed quotes, alcohol, and irony image


aesthetic, messages, and text image Image by antionicia boy, grunge, and indie image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed wallpaper, black, and background image


heart, cold, and quotes image boy and indie image Temporarily removed boy and sexy image aesthetic and drink image Temporarily removed


quotes, different, and love image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed grunge, planet, and indie image boy, book, and tumblr image game and header image


Image by lex clarke Temporarily removed Temporarily removed moon, sun, and necklace image Inspiring Image on We Heart It quotes, love, and Dream image

The end. ♥ Which one would you pick? As a Leo I'm naturally attracted to Sagittarius, Libra and Leo boys...

xoxo from France