Hey sweeties!
I'm sure you have already heard about climate changes and all serious planet problems. But what can we do? A lot of things I swear. And today I’ll tell you how can you help the planet replacing plastic stuff from your home.
Hope you like it.
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Tell me if you already do some of these things.

1|Bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste

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We can't stop brushing our teeth so here's a solution. The toothpaste is vegan and low waste.

2|Use glass jars

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You can go to fairs and bring these things in your own glass jars. Or buy things in glass jars.

3|Reusable bags

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THERE ARE SO MANY CUTE REUSABLLE BAGS!! Buy ONE cloth bag and use it all the time. When you go shooping and someone ask if you want a bag, try to see if the store has any paper bag or take things in hand.

4| Make up

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A lot of people loves make up and don’t want to stop use it so there are some make up brands that have products in glass bottles or with recyclable packaging. As well as Lush, Shiseido, Natura, Boticário, Simple organic and Refil.

5|Reusable bootle

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Drinking water is very important and do it helping our planet it’s even better. Also if you like to go to Starbucks you can use your own cup.

6|Wood hair brush

bamboo, Brushes, and hair image
Cuz it’s important brushing our hair sometimes ahah.

7|Shampoo without packaging

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We use shampoo so much, what about use it without the packaging (that actually we don’t need for anything).

Hope you follow some of (or all) my tips.

See you next post.
XOXO, Anita
[credit to everyone’s photo’s I used]