I know that this is fairly late in the season but I kind of forgot to post it when I wrote it several weeks ago and I’m trying to clean up my documents file so I thought that I’d post it anyway.

I hope that you like it.

Learn a new language or persevere with an old one.

- Memrise – Duolingo - Youtube

Take an online course (it can even count as a college credit!)

- edX – Coursera – Khan Academy

Learn a new sport

– list 3, find places to go to do it, arrange it and go to at least 2 sessions to try it out
- kickboxing – swimming – football (soccer)


– if you’re in the UK, Do-It is the best place to search up opportunities

Make a bucket list and start ticking things off or putting money aside for them

My teenager bucket list

Get the syllabus and textbooks for next year’s classes and start reading

– less work consolidating in term time and more points for getting involved in class as you’ll be more confident on the topic

Summer schools

– these could be done close to home or abroad and can give insight into universities/colleges that you’re interested in as well as making your application look better.
- UK: UNIQ (University of Oxford), Sutton Trust Summer Schools (12 universities including University of Cambridge and can be Spring/Summer/digital) and others.

Get a summer job

- babysitting - waitressing – librarian

Write a story

Whether fanfiction or an original story you can write your own work and use WHI as inspiration. For example I have collections for my main OC and AU characters for my stories. Try using a prompt to write a short one-shot.

Start a bullet journal

Catch up on some reading whether school related or just for fun.

Here are some of my recs

City break for a couple of days.

1. Find a decent cheap hotel which is close to places you want to visit or close to public transport. 2. Arrange transport there eg a train ticket which is fantastic because it means that there’s theoretically no luggage allowance (room for clothes from shopping afterwards) and no parking charges for staying in the city. 3. Let loose! And have fun.

Visit a beach

– get a map up, find your closest one, pack some food and drink and go even if you just drive to see the sea, stop for lunch and then head home.

Other lists of things to do:

Have fun and enjoy going back to school or university if you’re a student.