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credits to @kyutiemochi

─ when did you get into kpop?

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I got into kpop in January 16th, 2018

─ who's your favorite girl group?

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─ who's your favorite boy group?

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stray kids

─ favorite kpop song?

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fancy - twice

─ who is the prettiest female in kpop to you?

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jihyo for sure

─ who is the prettiest male in kpop to you?

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─ what's a kpop song you dislike?

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wakey wakey by nct127

─ what's your favorite concept?

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girl crush

─ what's your favorite music video?

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heart shaker - twice

─ what's the hardest choreography to you?

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anything by nct

─ favorite underrated group?

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─ favorite female soloist?

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─ favorite male soloist?

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─ what group has easy choreography to you?

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twice? IDK I don't learn kpop dances that often

─ what would you say if somebody asked you what's your opinion on kpop?

the industry is kinda racist, homophobic and sexist but I don't stan kpop for the industry I stan it because I love the music and artists.