Serbia is a beautiful country in South Europe. It's not really big but has many places that should be visited.

1. Belgrade

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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. It has many parks and great cafes and restaurants.

2. Novi Sad

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For over a decade, Novi Sad is a home of EXIT, one of the best music festivals in Europe that brings together the best musicians from around the world.Novi Sad is the city of young people, music, fun and great nightlife.

3. Subotica

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A major cultural center in Vojvodina and one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, Subotica was even the capital of a fairy-tale-like empire in the 16th century.

4. Niš

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Birthplace of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, the city of Niš still embodies the combination of exotic East and elegant West. Today a modern tourist center with museums and historical sites that are on european must see maps, Serbian city of Niš has been a gate connecting the East and the West ever since it was established. Even nowadays, driving down the roads through Niš is the shortest way to reach the Middle East from Europe, or cities like Sofia and Istanbul from Vienna, Budapest or Prague.

Those were just some of the great cities in Serbia, hope you liked it....xoxoxo