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Hello hello babies! I'm so happy to be back again with another article! And I want to thank you with my whole heart because we reached 2,2K subscribers so fast! So, I hope you're absolutely fine, I send my best prayers and wishes for your kind soul and here we go ☼ Enjoy!


girl, gun, and quotes image Devil, girl, and shadow image aesthetic, back, and dress image red, aesthetic, and bra image clothing, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed


quotes, time, and text image cafe, coffee, and comfy image plant image girl, bed, and blonde image fruit, food, and picnic image button, Hot, and more image


Temporarily removed rain, grunge, and blue image Temporarily removed book, blue, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image brain, aesthetic, and drawing image


Image by ✧ N𝒾𝒸𝑜ℓ𝑒 ✧ aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image flowers image gold, aesthetic, and art image beach, fashion, and girl image deep, equality, and inspiration image


quotes, brave, and strong image lion, gold, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed gold, art, and feather image Temporarily removed quotes, book, and poetry image


quotes, life, and words image coffee, aesthetic, and white image fashion, girl, and art image aesthetic, beige, and interior image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


quote, love, and hard image fashion, necklace, and accessories image aesthetic, girly, and macro image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image glitter, eye, and makeup image quotes, beauty, and text image


quotes, sarcasm, and art image girl, book, and moon image pink, glitter, and aesthetic image jeans, aesthetic, and baby image aesthetic image girl, quotes, and bite image


quotes, adventure, and yes image eyes, aesthetic, and beauty image flowers, nature, and theme image orange, sky, and plane image sunset, girl, and summer image quotes, jk rowling, and possible image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed book, aesthetic, and reading image stars, eyes, and eye image ravenclaw, book, and harry potter image quotes, woman, and motivation image


weird, quotes, and text image alternative, blue, and depressed image Temporarily removed aesthetic, 90s, and blue image Image by 311616am aesthetic, alternative, and art image


Temporarily removed aesthetic, eyes, and fish image yellow, aesthetic, and grunge image jeans, fashion, and clothes image Temporarily removed moon, quotes, and beautiful image

I hope you felt it resonated with your sign, and don't forget that your Sun sign isn't your only important placement in astrology, that's why sometimes you can't find yourself in horoscopes or moodboards. ♥ See you for a next article!

xoxo from France