H I, everyone! Today’s article is a collab with the lovely Juria (@juri_kati) and we will both be discussing the topics under back to school. My part of the collab will be about studying and organization, while Juria will write on social life and extracurricular activities. Together, we will be giving 20 tips to you for being back to school again, so make sure to read her part of the collab too – she’s a great writer, and all her articles are very well written and helpful for everyone who reads them. She’s also a very kind and understanding person, I’m extremely glad to have done this collab with her.

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Back to school can be a difficult time for everyone, because none of us are motivated enough to go to school again after the holidays. While it is hard to go to school, it may be even harder to get into the routine of studying when you haven’t studied much during the holidays. Here are 10 tips for you, that may help to get you into studying again.

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Let’s begin.

review your syllabus –

When you are going back to school, take some time to review your syllabus and study plan for that semester or school half. Think over in your mind how much time the completion of the learning and the covering of the syllabus will take, when you have exams next, and how much should you study each day and each week so that your syllabus is comprehensively memorized before exams. You should keep all that in mind or maybe write it down, the latter what I would recommend more.

planning and making a to-do list –

When you have reviewed your syllabus, take a sheet of paper or make use of any appropriate software or app, to make a plan of studying. Write down how much work you want to complete in a week, and then break that work down into small to-do bullet points - those that can be done each day of the week easily. You can also write down how much work you want to complete in a month, if not how much you want to complete in a week. It is also essential to divide the work into smaller pieces, such that can be made into the form of smaller tasks and can be easily ticked or crossed off. Your plan should be such, that if you work on it correctly, your syllabus will be memorized before exams start.

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sift through your belongings –

Most of the time, in your bag or your desk, you will have gathered things that have no benefit or usage. When school begins again, you should sift through your bag, your desk, or any other place where you might have put things in. You should throw out the useless things. This will be conducive to creating a fresh plate for school. You can also sift through your folders and files, both physical and digital. See which documents you need to keep and throw/delete the others - the ones you have no use for. Also maybe make time, to clean and re-organize your room and working space.

put your things in the right places –

After you have cleaned up, thrown out useless products, and reorganized the items you are keeping - you should always try to put all of your things in their right spots. If you do this, you will not misplace anything and will not have to clean up your desk and your bag every week or so. Put your documents in the correct files or folders, put digital documents also in the appropriate files or folders. You can title them as anything most suitable for you i.e. by subject name, class name, or by the name of what the file contains – there can be a specific file for essays, a specific one for notes, and so on. Similarly, remember to check out the sites you bookmark for later, and put your books and journals in the correct compartments. Even when you are tired, you should remember to do this - it is very important to do if you want to keep your things organized and neat.

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buying new supplies –

It is not the start of the school year, but you are going back to school -and if you want to buy new supplies, it is completely harmless to do so. But you should only do so if it makes you feel motivated, and if you have the proper sum of money. Along with the supplies that you need, of course, those will be bought in any case.
So, for this purpose, before school commences, make a list of all the items you require and buy them at the appropriate stores. However, do not spend more than needed, and do not try to buy expensive stationery if you have a low amount of money.

Here is how you make the list (obviously, there can be more headings and more items included under the said headings) -

  • Stationery - pens, pencils, ink, paper, notebooks, rulers, paints and more.
  • Hygiene - tampons/pads, deodorant, makeup (just which you desire for school), dry shampoo, sanitizer and more.
  • Electronic - chargers, earphones/earbuds, fitting apps, covers and more.
  • Other - planners, journals, snacks, clothes, accessories and more.

revise –

Before returning to school, I would recommend revising what you studied last - so that the information is renewed in your mind and you do not go back to school with everything forgotten, haha. You do not need to learn everything again - just refresh the material you studied last by revising it once or twice.
This way, you will be able to pick up with school and new material much more swiftly, since you will have revised the older material and will understand the newer material in a better way and much more quickly. Also, studying a little in the few days preceding school will help to put you in the habit of studying again, and this habit you require greatly when you are going to school again after holidays.

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prepare –

Pack your bag and prepare your outfit the night or day before and check once. Keep track of your classes and lectures.

Make sure that you are completely ready for school in every way possible. Try to prep some meals, in case you are busy later on and do not have time to make food. Possibly prepare your lunch and breakfast the night before. Similarly, it will be helpful to prep some outfits for school, so that you do not have to spend time choosing an outfit every morning. Also prep your bag, your notebooks, your supplies, and more. Review your timetable so that you do not miss any class, which, if it ends up happening, will be harmful to your academic performance.

study apps –

You may find that you cannot grasp something you’ve recently learned when back to school, or you can’t keep track of your study plan and timetable – for all of these problems, there may be a study app out there which could assist you in your difficulty effectively. For learning, there is Khan Academy, for planning, there is My Study Life, for accomplishing assignments there is Todoist, so many more efficient, productive apps are out there. You can read my article on Study apps and extensions, which I wrote for the We Heart It writers team, for more inspiration. I have linked it below.

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write down everything –

Always write or type down everything you have to do - because you may end up forgetting those tasks. This is why you should always keep a notebook and pen, or your phone/laptop, around you. If you like to type, place the tasks in such an app or software which you check and use often. Also set reminders and alarms.
If you have an extra class, write about it and set an alarm for when it is. If your essay is nearly completed and only a little is left, write the task down and set a reminder if you think you will forget, also set an alarm for when the deadline is. This ensures that you will not forget to do any task.

procrastination –

Do your homework/assignments when they are given to you, and if you decide to do them later in case of something more important arising, plan and schedule them to be completed in the right time.

Do not procrastinate, at all. If you procrastinate, it will delay all the tasks and to-do points you should have done, and your productivity and academic performance will both deteriorate badly.
If you have homework, do it as soon as you get home. If you have to learn something by the end of the week, schedule how much learning of that something you will do every day, so that it is completed by its deadline - then do that scheduled learning every day. If some task arises which is more important than the one currently at hand, then do the former task. Schedule the latter task to be done at an appropriate, suitable time - a time when you will be able to do it easily and productively, a time when there will be no other important task at hand allowing you to focus solely on that said task, and a time which will be before the deadline, giving you enough hours or days to complete the task.

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note -

For tip 3, 5, 6 and 7 - Make a plan of everything you intend to do before school starts, whether it is organizing your bag and your desk, buying new things for school, revising what you studied last before you went on holidays, or prepping meals, outfits, and your school bag. This will help organize whatever you aim to accomplish and it will become easier to break down, routine and complete the tasks.

For tip 1 and 2 - Go over your yearly syllabus if it has been appointed to you and fabricate a plan of achieving the designated syllabus, either by year(s), months, weeks or days.

For tip 1 and 2 - If your exams are still later on in the school year, then obviously it isn’t very important to start working on exam prep so early, or so much all at once. You can begin prepping after a few weeks, or you can prep only a little amount of study material each day and each week.

For tip 1 and 2 - I know it sounds odd, starting to prepare for exams when you just came back to school, but if you don’t start prepping for exams right now, it will become difficult to do so later on.

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T H A N K Y O U for reading! I hope that this article and Juria’s article will give you such tips as that will be very helpful for you. If you have any further questions, do message me or her. You can find both our articles in the collab collection linked above. Sending a lot of good wishes and luck for school (if you are going back to school again) your way. Love, Abby and Juria