Hi, everyone! As you can see, posting daily is just not my thing, but I still want to get through this challenge even if it takes me a couple of months to complete (talking about struggles haha).

Day 8: List something you struggle with

First of all, I don't like the world "struggle". I prefer saying "trying to change" instead. This way, it helps me focus on finding ways to improve myself instead of just complaining about it.

So, what am I trying to change right now?

I am trying to improve my lifestyle. To "get my s**t together. One year and a half ago, I started organising my life using an agenda. I still have days when I don't write in it, but I'm trying to not let that affect me. The next day I just start over.

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I am also trying not to postpone things. I sometimes procrastinate, but who doesn't? I try my best to accomplish my daily goals and actually do something instead of spending time on my phone. I always complain about not having time to read certain books or finish a tv series, so I am trying to organise even my free time.

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I think the most important thing I'm trying to accomplish right now is to love myself. To be okay with who I am. To stop comparing myself to other people. I know that everyone has a different story and I try to remind myself that others would wish to be in my shoes.

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So, my dears, be true to who you are. Remember that you are awesome and don't stress over things that won't matter in five years. You have better things to do with your time.

Have a peaceful day!