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1. Basic info

Name: Kylie Blackwood
Birthday: 05.06.1999
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Age: 20

2. Appearance

girl, makeup, and style image girl, fashion, and hair image Temporarily removed girl, indie, and vans image
dark hair, dark green eyes, 5'5

3. Personality

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loyal, hates when boys act like they own girls, supportive, honest, against violence but she'll kick someone's ass if she has to, tries to respect everyone, fair, will do what has to be done

4. Style

fashion, girl, and style image girl, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, brand, and cool image fashion, jeans, and style image
vintage, retro

5. House

design, home, and art image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed friends, night, and grunge image

6. Prom dress

dress, fashion, and rose image fashion, shoes, and heels image nails and pink image car, vintage, and pink image

7. Love interest

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her boyfriend Michael who is older than her, part of the guards. He is friend with Harry, Luke, Grizz, Clarke

8. Harry, Allie or Lexie?

Temporarily removed tv show, the society, and kathryn newton image tv show, the society, and kathryn newton image the society, kathryn newton, and allie pressman image
Allie for sure

9. Chores

Image by Moon lover Image by Moon lover medicine, doctor, and student image hospital image
learning medicine

10. Friends

the society and grizz visser image the society image the society image the society, helena, and LUke image
Her best friend is Grizz. She doesn't like Lexie and Campbell.