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how is your summer going? or if you're like me and school is sadly starting already then how is school?
today i'm sharing with you guys 10 school tips but more focused on the social and self care aspects on getting back to that grind this school year. if you want more useful tips (more on education centered) go check out @gypsophiliet 's article as well!

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▫ S O C I A L
✐ get to know your professors
This may seem very intimidating at first since not all professors/teachers are the most approachable people, and extra prayers if you get one of those nasty ones, but making connections and having a good relationship with your profs will for sure benefit you in the long run when you need a last-minute extension/a letter of recommendation for any reason. I know being fake is a no go in any kind of situation but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little sweet to those profs even if you hate them :)

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✐ study buddies
Find a friend that you’re close enough to see almost everyday but who won’t distract you cuz you know how that goes…
For example, if you both have two major assessments coming up, and you have to look through all of your materials for useful references and practice, have a friend work on one subject (preferably one you’re stronger at and their weaker at so they can also get used to looking at that subject) and you on the other (vice versa)
Your study buddy can also help you teach some aspects of the subject you don’t understand and will be a great support system overall!

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✐ don't sweat over relationships
I know, i know seeing all the couples around makes you feel lonely, but honestly, you are totally okay without a partner. :) Not that I’m saying you can't have one, but saying from experience, having a partner doesn’t mean that things will be easier. Their love and support will help you but it also means a relationship comes with responsibility, time and a lot of energy to keep up with. Just remember, don't go out with someone for the sake of it, because it will probably not last. There’s someone special out there for everyone, and its ok if you haven’t met your someone yet!

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✐ be involved
I highly recommend this especially if you’re still an underclassmen and aren’t super stressed out as much as you will be in the next couple of years. By being involved in sports, clubs, or volunteering, you get the college's attention by showing that you are active in your community and can multitask. Also, if you join a club earlier, you can build your skills and experience throughout your high school years so you can hopefully become the president, vice, captain, treasure or some kind of position in the final years! Just remember not to overload yourself and to keep those grades up too though :)

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▫ S E L F C A R E
✐ watch your mental health
Always remember that your mental health is NUMBER 1! If you’re physically or emotionally drained, its most likely that its affected your mental state as well. Meditate couple of times a week, take some time off your phone to just breathe and/or experience nature, spend time with family, or just be mindfulI. For serious problems, please contact some professionals though :)

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✐ take care of yourself
Eat. Sleep. Shower. Hydrate. Exercise. Clean your room. Don’t beat yourself up over one bad grade. Listen to music. Socialize. Take days off when you need them. Relax. Party. Go out with friends. Get a spa treatment + mani pedi. School is stressful and not taking time away from your classes does more damage than good for both your mental and physical health, make sure to make space in your schedule for fun!

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✐ prepare the night before
Plan your outfits, your bag and everything you need the night before so that your sleep deprived brain won’t forget anything in the morning. This will also save your time in the morning to make sure you won’t be running out the door or so that you can actually have a real breakfast to get your ready for the day!

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▫ F O C U S O N Y O U
✐ learn to say no
Without a doubt, high school will lead you to drugs and alcohol and you need to have control over your mind and body in these situations. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into something you don’t want to do and don’t let others make your choices for you. But if you know that you are in a safe place surrounded with friends that are there to check on you, then feel free to take the drink or two ;)

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✐ be patient
Whether it be with grades or friends, BE PATIENT. It took me 2 years to find the friends that I truly love and trust today and i couldn’t be happier. Trust your gut and experiment with different people: its not wrong to hop groups and discover new friends! Trust your friends but most importantly, YOURSELF.

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✐ maintain a positive attitude
You cannot wake up every morning dreading school and expect yourself to do amazing in your classes. Wake up with a good mindset, confident and ready for anything the day is going to throw at you. It's tough trying to be positive, but with practice, you'll do great. You have to have a desire to keep going, to keep on learning, to be better. There’s a lot of different ways for to get motivated, but some little things like getting new study materials or trying a new makeup/hair/outfit look always gets me up in the morning :)

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