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i added in sections; bags, jewelry and nails so you could see more about my appearance and what i wear etc. i did add in appearance, but afterward i saw some articles that had appearance in already. if you do this challenge and include my sections please give me credit ♡


Image by enola 💕 fashion, blue, and style image beautiful, beauty, and clothes image fashion, white, and outfit image fashion, Harajuku, and kawaii image Temporarily removed
crop tops, soft shorts, skinny jeans, dresses, pleated skirts, faux fur jackets & coats


shoes, nike, and fashion image shoes, cherry, and nike image Temporarily removed fashion, shoes, and style image shoes, fashion, and pink image boots, shoes, and black image
flat & chunky sneakers, heeled boots


aesthetic, pink, and blue image purple, pastel, and grunge image backpack, bag, and bags image bag, fashion, and style image fashionista, inspiration, and outfit image Image by enola 💕
🌸 no. 1 creds to nicheroos on ig 🌸
backpacks, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, designer bags, handbags, totes/canvas bags


necklace, gold, and accessories image choker image archive, filter, and themes image ring, nails, and diamond image Image by 💖✨ crystals image
🌸 no. 3 creds to @slfcarefruits, no. 4 & 5 creds to phantomjewels on ig 🌸
necklaces, chokers, rings, sparkly bracelets


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Abusive image makeup, beauty, and pink image Image by enola 💕 girl, fashion, and yellow image
🌸 no. 5 creds to tvn 🌸
long hair, blonde, thin-medium size lips, green eyes, short, slim


nails and glitter image Image removed nails, pink, and flowers image prinxessvibess image nails, pink, and rainbow image nails, butterfly, and pink image
🌸 no. 3 creds to margaritasnailz on ig and no. 5 creds to nailsshawty on ig 🌸
glitter, designer, pastel, crystal, holographic/iridescent, stickers


cat, black, and animal image Temporarily removed pink, glitter, and wallpaper image water, mermaid, and ocean image aesthetic, glitter, and beach image mirror, gold, and aesthetic image
🌸 no. 4 creds to @slfcarefruits 🌸
black, white, pastel pink, pastel blue, silver, (rose) gold


cat, aesthetic, and animal image animals, Polar Bear, and snow image fish, neon, and colors image Image removed butterfly, wallpaper, and aesthetic image cute, hamster, and animal image
🌸 no. 2 creds to daisy gilardini 🌸
cat, polar bear, fish, deer, butterfly, hamster


Temporarily removed food, chocolate, and strawberry image food, burger, and fast food image food, aesthetic, and coffee image Image by syuko fries, guy, and food image
strawberries, chocolate, cheeseburger, bacon, candy, fries


purple, nails, and coca cola image Image by enola 💕 drink, beach, and summer image drink, food, and fruit image blue, red, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
🌸 no. 6 creds to re.kook on ig 🌸
soda, milkshake, juice, smoothie, slush, iced coffee

passions & lifestyle

kpop, hyunjin, and stray kids image bunny, art, and drawing image sky, clouds, and travel image Image removed family, life, and mom image netflix, pizza, and bed image
🌸 no. 1 creds to springginsour on twt and no. 4 creds to bbibbily on ig 🌸
singing, kpop, drawing, photography, fashion, spending time with my family & friends, watching movies & tv shows


quotes, pink, and kind image love, anime, and wallpaper image funny, meme, and patootie image sailor moon, anime, and aesthetic image flowers, water, and daisy image Image by springkg
🌸 no. 5 creds to @slfcarefruits 🌸
kind, loving, funny, emotional, sensitive, a daydreamer, afraid to lose people :(


lol, bts, and kpop meme image Temporarily removed Image by li meme, reaction, and funny image Image by paulaaaaaa aesthetic, meme, and soft image
🌸 no. 1 creds to weeky idol 🌸
(kpop) memes & sarcastic jokes

dreams & goals

couple, love, and style image flowers, wedding, and castle image aesthetic, nature, and sky image Temporarily removed decor, decoration, and home image stray kids, felix, and jisung image
🌸 no. 5 creds to ripausluksusta on ig 🌸
fall in love, get married, go travelling, get a good job, buy a house, meet stray kids so i can tell them how much i love them ♡


aesthetic, blue, and book image aesthetic, book, and soft image pink, aesthetic, and music image aesthetic, book, and chinese image cat, book, and meow image book, witch, and flowers image
🌸 no. 4 creds to bill wilson and no. 6 creds to unicorn manor 🌸
asian books, books about animals, the modern witchcraft book of love spells


comedy, film, and Halloween image madea, funny, and lol image Temporarily removed comedy and rush hour image funny, i robot, and lol image paul walker, fast and furious, and Vin Diesel image
🌸 no. 4 creds to tvquotesftw on tumblr and no. 5 creds to gifsec 🌸
madea, rush hour, i robot, fast and furious

tv shows

Inspiring Image on We Heart It money, boy, and quotes image gif, two worlds, and k-drama image bbc, caption, and gif image Abusive image Image by ε=ε=ε=?
🌸 no. 5 creds to rubínové slečny on fb 🌸
stranger things, fresh prince of bel air, w two worlds, red dwarf, doctor who


filter, glitter, and sparkle image quotes, song, and the neighbourhood image quotes, flowers, and ease image Image removed Image removed melanie martinez, crybaby, and grunge image
🌸 no. 5 creds to welovewaves on tumblr and no. 6 creds to @BonerJack 🌸
kpop, the neighbourhood, troye sivan, years & years, synthwave, stranger things soundtracks, melanie martinez


quotes, stars, and aesthetic image quotes, lonely, and aesthetic image need to be pretty image Temporarily removed gossip girl, quotes, and blair waldorf image angel, Devil, and quotes image
positivity, love, confidence, emotional, independence, thoughts

fears & phobias

ghost, aesthetic, and antique image droplets, glitter, and shimmer image quotes, tumblr, and wallpaper image flowers, nature, and pink image ghost, humans, and funny image green, aesthetic, and quotes image
🌸 no. 5 creds to jack davis 🌸
ghosts, spiders, losing people, all the damage we are doing to the world and the environment :((


aesthetic, japan, and city image beautiful, city, and cool image city and lights image paris, flowers, and pink image beach, sea, and ocean image Image by enola 💕
🌸 no. 1 creds to __ju.h on ig, no. 4 creds to nomediocre on tumblr and no. 6 creds to jintonic0320 on twt & edit creds to hyunjinfever on ig 🌸
south korea, japan, china, france, maldives, hyunjin's bed ;)


friends, summer, and best friends image moon, beach, and aesthetic image fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image Temporarily removed bored, city, and peace image aesthetic image
🌸 no. 2 creds to indigo on ig 🌸


Image by enola 💕 purple, aesthetic, and hands image baltic, beach, and ocean image Temporarily removed car, blue, and light image purple, sky, and aesthetic image
🌸 no. 1 creds to lilustudio on etsy and no. 3 creds to on ig 🌸
boys, icons, and ship image

♡ thank you for reading! this challenge was so fun to do uwu. message me if we have something in common or we like similar things, i'd love to hear from you guys. also, don't forget to credit me if you do this challenge and include my sections ♡

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