Hello everybody ! I've seen this a lot and since I love this show I want to do it. I've been inspired by some articles which I will put below.

>>name : kiana knight
>>nickname : kia
>>birthday : 2nd october (libra)

>> appearance;

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brown hair, green eyes, ART tattoo, really small (4'9)

>> personality;

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kia is a really kind and positive person. since she's little, her dad always tell her to be positive and kind to other people. she always tries to make everyone happy. she also always listens to people's problems and sometimes tends to overthink about them.

>> style;
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she has a really simple style. she loves to wear bright colors with black heels of any kind. she wears lot of jewelries.
>> prom dress;
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>> house;
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her house is really small because before what happened she was only living with her dad. there are plants everywhere, and when i say everywhere it's really everywhere. she allows some people to sleep here, mainly in the living room or in her dad's bedroom.
>> interests;
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she loves photography and you will always see her with her camera. she takes a lot of pictures of anything. she also always watching the sunset. she is passionate about astronomy and storms.
>> friends;
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before new ham she was really close with becca. thanks to her she meets sam and they form now an inseparable trio. she knows elle since they were like 10, they didn't speak that much but when one of them had a problems they could count on the others. after new ham she become friend with kelly, grizz and gordie. she always respected allie, and she was friend harry since they were little.
>> allie, harry or lexie;
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she will always be by allie's side.
>> would she have partied the first time;
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>> chores;
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she is working on making a documentary of how the life in new ham is, and sometimes she works at the hospital.

Thanks for reading ! Love y'all.

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