Must visit places around Indore
One must wonder where to head out during the holidays if you belong to Indore or are travelling through the city. Rumours have spread there isn’t much to visit around the town, and with the increasing traffic and hiking prices of taxi services in Indore, people tend to avoid travelling around. but still if you are a travel-junky then here is a list of places you can visit near Indore: -
It is one of the famous ‘12 Jyotirlingas’ ad is located in the Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. This religious place is formed by the diverging of the river Narmada that formed and landmass is shaped as ‘Om', the
sound of ‘Omkara'. The temple lies on a mile long and half-mile-wide island and is constructed out of soft-stone with carvings that lay out a timeline and the roof of the temple is complexly hand-created. One can include the Siddhanta Temple and Sanmatrika Temples in their itinerary. You can hire car services in Indore and then make a forward journey.

The chronicle of this city dates back to around 4000 years! The town gets its recognition in Ramayana and Mahabharata under the name on "Mahishmati”. The fort here was built by Akbar after he took the
rule after which in the late 18th centenary it was taken in by the Maharani Ahilya Bai, of the Holkar dynasty and fostered serenity and success across the city. All the ghats there are named after the ruling
dynasties of India. While in Indore one must truly visit this and feel the peaceful vibes that float through the city.
It was founded in the 6th century, under the name of ‘Mandhavgarh’ under the rule of the Parmar dynasty later taken over by the Afghans. The place is filled with historical monuments like Jahaj Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Hoshang Shah’s tomb, Roopmati’s Pavillion, Bajbahadur’s Palace, Taveli Mahal, Jain temple, Neel-Kanth Palace, etc. With so many places to visit one must plan a 2-3 day trip and give time to each memorial to sink in. One can also plan Mandu and Maheshwar trip together as they lie just an hour of drive away.
Mahakaleshwar Temple:
It is another one among the ’12 jyotirlinga’, and several literary creations include a beautiful description of this city. It homes one form of Lord Shiva, Rudra or god of the welfare of innocent and destruction of evil. The temple is famous for its two rituals- Shayan Aarti and Bhasma Aarti. The Shayan aarti is performed late at night covering the ceremonies performed by the priests before God retires to sleep. Whereas the Bhasma aarti is opposite, it is done before the break of dawn where the God of destruction is bathed in ash remains of people after which the Linga is dressed up and opens for the devotees to see.