He looks at her.
-I want to know more about you.
She is surrprised.She looks at him: Jayden...wants to know more about me? This is a dream, right?
She looks at him.
-You want to know more about me?
He looks at her.He smiles.
-Yes! How old are you?
She looks at him.She gets nervous.
-I am...26.
He looks at her.
Then, he takes her hand slowly.
She is surprised.Her heart begins to beat faster.She looks at him.He also looks at her.
-Don’t be nervous. I am here with you.
She looks at him.
He looks at her.
-I like you.
She is surprised.She looks at him : This...is not a dream. You really...like me.
She looks at him.She is nervous.
-I...like you too.
He looks at her.He smiles.She also looks at him.She smiles.
Then she also holds his hand.
They both looks at each other and smiles.
She looks at him.She is thinking: I hope you will always look and smile like this just for me. This is my only wish in this world. If you are with me, I am happy.
-Can I ask you something?
Jayden looks at her.He smiles.
-No matter what will happen in the future, you will not forget about me.
-Of course I will not forget about you. So, don’t worry about this. Ok?
She looks at him: I believe you. I want to believe you.
He looks at her.
-So, please don’t think about this again. I will be with you always.
She looks at him.She smiles.
-Thank you!
He also looks at her.He smiles.
-I thank you for letting me be in your life!
They both look at each other and smile.

To be continued
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