hello lovelies!
i know some of you have already gone back to school, and some of you probably has some time of summer left.

me myself, i start tomorrow - which means that this is my last day before this next academic year.

because of this, i decided to make a little list of things you can do the night before school to make going back to school not that stressful.

be as you wish to seem
- socrates

do a little pamper routine

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show yourself some self care. take a shower or a relaxing bath, light some candles and use a face mask

decide on an outfit, a makeup look and a hairstyle

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who would not like to feel fresh for back to school? and, preparing an outfit and hairstyle will make it a lot easier for yourself in the morning

and try them on/out

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make sure that if you want to try something new - either with your makeup or hair - that you won't try it for the first time on the morning of back to school. try it out the day before, so you have some idea of what to do

pack your backpack

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unless you like stressing about it in the morning..

paint your nails - if that's your thing

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freshly painted nails always makes me happy and both feel and look more put together

find some inspiration for a good breakfast

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if there is something i am soo bad at - it is eating. i wouldn't say that i have an eating disorder, absolutely not, but i do not have a healthy relationship with food atm. finding some ideas for what i'm going to eat usually helps a lot (and it could make you more excited to wake up tomorrow)

prepare your lunch for tomorrow

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unless you like doing it in the morning

organise your study area

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it always makes me more motivated to actually study if my study area is clean and organised

make a playlist!

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school gives you a lot of reasons for playlist: study playlist, getting ready playlist, walking to school/bus playlist, etc

make a vision board

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i looove visions board, they can really make you motivated for something to happen - and you can add a lot of stuff that makes you happy
here is my vision board for back to school, if you want to get some inspiration

look up some positive affirmations

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positive affirmations can really help set you up for something good. and they can also be very cute and soft

charge all the devices you need

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your phone, your laptop, maybe your headphones if your headphones needs charging

set an alarm

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remember to set an alarm (or a few..) for tomorrow! we can't have you missing the first day of school, now can we? something i like to do, is setting my alarm a little earlier than necessary, just so that i can start of my day in the right way and not stress at all

go to bed early

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sleep is important people. remember that

that's it for now, hope you all have a fantastic day <3

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