“Don’t worry, don’t concern yourself. Cause I’m used to being alone anyway.”

Nothing is in preference order

1. Top 10 favourite groups

Super Junior
Monsta X
Stray Kids
The Rose

le, Leo, and vixx image le, Leo, and vixx image

2. Top 6 biases

Jonghyun, key, and Minho image Jonghyun, key, and Minho image
Lee Taemin - SHINee
stray kids, kpop, and bang chan image stray kids, bang chan, and kpop image
Bang Chan - Stray Kids
kpop, cosmic girls, and wjsn image kpop, cosmic girls, and wjsn image
Cheng Xiao - WJSN
mamamoo and moonbyul image mamamoo, moonbyul, and icon image
Moonbyul - Mamamoo
nct, ten, and kpop image johnny, ten, and smrookies image
Ten - NCT/WayV
red, the rose, and woosung image red, the rose, and woosung image
Kim Woosung - The Rose

3. Ultimate Bias

Jonghyun, key, and Minho image Jonghyun, key, and Minho image
Lee Taemin - SHINee

4. How long have you been into Kpop?

6 years and a little respect me you all, I'm almost a kpop grandma

5. First Kpop song

Temporarily removed big bang, g-dragon, and fantastic baby era image
Fantastic Baby - Big Bang

6. Top 5 Girlgroups

Red Velvet

lisa, minnie, and clc image lisa, minnie, and clc image

7. Top 5 Boygroups

Stray Kids
Monsta X

Image removed Temporarily removed

8. Favorite Kpop song at the moment

face, idol, and kpop image ballad, face, and kpop image
Face - Woosung

9. Favorite debut

blackpink, lisa, and rose image blackpink, lisa, and rose image

10. Ultimate Female Kpop Bias

f(x), amber, and kpop image amber, fx, and nike image
Amber Liu - f(x)

11. Ultimate Male Bias

Lee Taemin, as I said

12. Least Favorite Group

I don't really have one, I stan so many groups I don't have time even to dislike another one

13. Least Favorite song by favorite group

If there is a SHINee song I don't like, I didn't find it yet

14. Best Kpop Dancers

Lee Taemin - SHINee
Ten - NCT
Lisa - Blackpink
Momo - Twice
Kay - EXO
Rocky - Astro
The8 - Seventeen

15. Best kpop rappers

Zelo - B.A.P
T.O.P - Bigbang
Changbin - Stray Kids
Han Jisung - Stray Kids
Suga - BTS
Jooheon - Monsta X
Rap Monster - BTS
Jessi - Soloist

16. My personal favorite rappers

overlays, straykids, and 3racha image stray kids skz jyp 3racha image
3racha - Stray Kids "subunit"

17. Best Kpop vocalists

Ailee - soloist
Park Jimin - female soloist
Onew - SHINee
Jonghyun - SHINee
Baekhyun - EXO
Kyuhyun - Super Junior
Solar - Mamamoo
Hwasa - Mamamoo
Luna - f(x)

18. Favorite Leaders

ateez, hongjoong, and kpop image san, wooyoung, and yunho image
Hongjoon - Ateez
s. coups, seung cheol, and choi seung cheol image seung cheol, choi seung cheol, and s. coups image
S.Coups - Seventeen
stray kids, bang chan, and Chan image stray kids and bang chan image
Bang Chan - Stray Kids

19. Favorite Maknaes

kpop, i.m, and monbébé image i.m, monsta x, and changkyun image
I.M - Monsta X
jeongin and stray kids image jeongin and stray kids image
Jeongin - Stray Kids
Image removed Image removed
Sanha - Astro

20. Favorite Visuals

exid, hani, and ahn heeyeon image exid and hani image
Hani - EXID
irene, red velvet, and bae joohyun image irene, red velvet, and kpop image
Irene - Red Velvet
stray kids, hyunjin, and hwang hyunjin image stray kids, hyunjin, and kpop image
Hyunjin - Stray Kids

21. EXO Bias

exo, gif, and idol image exo, kpop, and exo k image

22. Favorite KDrama

Image by pamelaDiaz15 Image removed
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

23. Favorite Idol who starred in a drama

edit, icon, and icons image icon, icons, and who are you image
Sungjae - Btob

24. BTS or EXO?

exo, baekhyun, and Chen image exo, sehun, and baekhyun image
why tho? Exo

25. Twice or Blackpink?

aesthetic, Allure, and icon image twice, sana, and lq image

26. Do you have any Kpop related merch?

aesthetic, outfit, and shirt image bigbang, epik high, and Ikon image
I have many shirts and albums

27. Have you ever gone to a kpop concert?

Yes, a day6 concert

28. Favorite hair color on your biases

airport, black hair, and kpop image airport, black hair, and kpop image
I'll go with just the ult otherwise it'd be too much Taemin's black hair

29. If you could switch bodies with any idol, who would it be?

abs, aesthetic, and asian image abs, aesthetic, and asian image
Wonho - Monsta X
cheng xiao, cosmic girls, and wjsn image kpop, wjsn, and cheng xiao image
Cheng Xiao - WJSN

30. What position in a Kpop group would you be?

Maknae, main dancer

31. What do you like most about kpop?

The effort the artists put in every single thing they do. The choreos are amazing and the vocals are amazing and the rap is amazing, and all of that is due to their non-stop effort on what they love and believe.

32. Favorite Music Video

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Shangri-la - VIXX

33. Kpop song you listen to when you're happy

Image removed Image removed
Mamma Mia - SF9

34. Kpop song that makes you happy

album, kpop, and block b image her, zico, and p.o image
Her - Block B

35. Kpop song that make you cry

mind, quote, and love image love, heart, and fingerprint image
Love you to death - Taeyang

36. Kpop, K-indie, Krock or K-hiphop?

I simply won't chose between K-indie and KRock, so both

37. Unpopular opinions you have

  • to talk shit about idols and groups on twitter to get attention is fuck*ng ridiculous
  • The Rose's MV She's in the rain was not offensive towards Jonghyun or anything like that
  • BTS was better before Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • Blackpink was, since the start, supposed to be a "new 2NE1" for YG
  • You're not a kpop stan if you stan only one group
  • I liked kpoppers - as a community, not the idols or groups - way more when very few people new about kpop. Now days people just wanna compete about who's better than who and talk shit, it's toxic in so many ways

38. Balled or Upbeat songs?

Ballads. Ballads all day.

39. Ultimate OTP

donghae, eunhyuk, and superjunior image donghae, eunhyuk, and superjunior image
Eunhae - Eunhyuk + Donghae
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Jeongcheol - Jeonghan + Seungcheol

40. Music you listen to other than kpop

Rock, Indie, classical music, j-rock

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