the fact that things have changed ever since i wrote my first article on aug 3 and i was so clueless and well i still am in a sense me and everyone else will always be clueless. but idk whats going on like when i started that article that day was just a mess
well my life had been a mess for quite a while. barely right now it GETTING A LIL better I don't know why now though that's what I've been thinking lately. don't get me wrong im grateful that its getting better but still I cant help but question it since im use to things going downhill and I'm use to being stuck in a routine of waking up go to work get home shower eat do stuff for work then sleep then do it all over again everyday Monday through Friday. i had gotten use to other things to the point that it just felt like I'm just here just surviving not truly living doing the things i want to do...i was stuck surviving doing things other people wanted.. things other people needed but what about me??? at the end of day who was truly out there looking out for me??? at the end of the day it was just me. yes i have friends that could give advice but its just words no one can control what was happening to me.. and i thought that i couldn't either but turns out that I'm dumbbbb that hello its MY life I CONTROL IT ( yes i have parents i have rules) ITS MY LIFE MY CHOICES and i feel like ever since i started making choices for ME and just looking at things different and not just crying myself to sleep feeling so helpless i started focusing and using my time to look into things adulthood things like credit scores taxes investments colleges everything is so boring and just so confusing but IM TRYING and I'm proud of myself because of it. ever since I started these articles too i don't know its helped me and I know i repeat myself through out my articles even though i have like 4 or 3 idk but its because its all coming straight from my head i don't plan it out like me saying I wanted to post Monday and Wednesday was a GOAL but clearly I couldn't help but write and post today on a Sunday. and I got my first article posted on the article channel which is huge for me since I'm from a small town in Texas so yea my ego is really high on that like " PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY ENJOYING MY WORD VOMIT ??? MY MISSPELLED POOR GRAMMAR TONS OF RUN ON SENTANCES ANDDDD MY HORRIBLE JOKES???? DO I START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW???? " mind blowing truly i am so grateful like maybe this is the law of attraction ?? since I've wanted to make articles for so long and actually have people read them and relate in a way that it would help them while it helped me to just post . a win- win situation basically and I've wanted to go to college and I'm in a tech school but basically college for me i guess i don't know but yea and i got a NICE CARING DUDE THAT LIKES ME??? THE THINGS THAT I HAD POST ON MY OTHER ARTICLES LIKEEE IM GETTING THEM NOW?? OH AND I QUIT MY JOB???/ LIKE LAW OF ATTRACTION OR JUST ALL GOOD TIMING??? I DONT KNOW BUT IM JUST WOW I've been crying cus of mix emotions like im happy so happy but also so scared but that's all cool its life I'm at the top of the roller coaster right now .

ill probably start writing my articles better since yall have to deal with the missing word, horrible spelling and grammar stuff.
but uh talk to me if you need anything im good at listening and relating and kind of good at advice idk?