A story is true. A story is untrue. As time extends, it matters less and less. The stories we want to believe, those are the ones that survive, despite upheaval and transition and progress. Those are the stories that shape history.
— Jack Rackham; Black Sails


If I were a color

dark, red, and tumblr image aesthetic, dark, and red image
dark red and black

If I were an animal

animal, bear, and brown image animal, art, and bear image
Brown Bear

If I were a season

autumn, car, and road image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

If I were a Creature

Abusive image nails, red, and water image

If I were a book

quotes, the perks of being a wallflower, and movie image Temporarily removed
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

If I were body part

rings image couple, love, and hands image

If I were a weather

rain, umbrella, and grunge image rain, summer, and friends image
Cold and rainy afternoons

If I were a superpower

tv, brainwashed, and text image Temporarily removed
Mind Control

If I were a feeling

flowers, sunset, and sky image girl, sky, and soft image
The feeling when you get home and take off your shoes to change into comfortable pyjamas

If I were a song

pink, grunge, and lonely image alternative, broken, and fashion image
The broken Hearts Club - Gnash

If I were a greek god

aphrodite, love story, and greek mythology image gold, black, and beauty image
Eris, the goddess of Chaos

If I were an element

fire, hand, and aesthetic image house, fire, and burn image

If I were a Disney Princess

aesthetic and hair image arrow, archery, and bow image
Merida Dunbroch


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