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Today I had lunch with my mom and my cousin and we ate some yummy Mexican and Peruvian food like, it was way too good to be true. I was so freaking full that I had to undo my belt and then put it less tight over my belly. But honestly that is how you know you had a nice meal sooo KUDOS.

Also I am really excited for a project that is coming up. I am very motivated and positive about this. Please send me all the good vibes you can and all that positivity please!

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Ceviche and Tacos dude

Day 9: Do you believe in second chances?

Giving people second chances can be either the easiest thing in your life or the hardest shit you have ever done. I know how hard it can be to give away another chance to a person that either hurted or you offended you deeply, and I am sure all of us have gone through something like that at least once in our life. BUT enough of the sad and serious stuff, lets get real.

Why reach that Second Chance moment?
Normally when we give second chances is because person B blew up what you already had. If we think for example of a friendship, one should work and do their best to never hurt or offend the other party. Obviously there can be some discussions in any relationship because that is only normal, but nothing more than a sit down and a heart to heart talk can't resolve. When we talk about second chances is because a simple "I forgive you" is not enough.

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I do believe in second chances but obviously that would be the second and last one I would be willing to give. If you are asking someone for a second chance make sure to OWN IT and not fuck it up again. You shouldn't need another chance after that one because you already know what you did wrong and you should try (really hard) to not make the things that are gonna hurt that person that you love or really like.

I have given second chances before, I can count them with one hand. I have people in my life who made the most out of this second chance and at the moment I don't know what I would do if I hadn't given that second chance (you know who you are PARTNER, but like our shit was way to stupid now that I see it from an 18 year old person LOL). And other people who I have given more than just one second chance.

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The only scenario I can picture at the moment that I wouldn't give a second chance is... CHEATING!

Honestly, I am a firm believer that "once a cheater always a cheater", and having someone hurt me in such way and to throw away a relationship for pleasure and such a superficial thing is fucking stupid. How do you give a second chance to a person that can look at you in the face and lie to you, a person that can live normally by your side and still...lie?. Shivers. Nasty. Bye

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I honestly can't think of anything else at the moment LOL what a failure.

Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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