Having you as a best friend is the funniest thing in the world, we don’t get along but we can’t live a day without each other. I get anxious not knowing what you're up to if you don't respond in 3.2 seconds and you annoy me with your 12 text messages asking where I'm at before you vent. Having you as a best friend has been a blessing, you've taught me so much and not to brag but I have a pretty smart best friend. although you never agree with me we think the same way. Then again we’re complete opposites, I know it's pretty weird. We fight a lot and love a lot, you correct me, I help you, you advise me and we learn from each other. sometimes You Make me laugh and sometimes you make me cry. you piss me off and tell me the funniest cheesiest jokes but all in all I wouldn’t want you any other way because you entirely makes you who you are. thank you for being you. weirdly your name is Angel and even though I've never told you this, you're like my guardian angel who is always watching over me and caring for me. our friendship is genuine and I couldn't be more blessed, although I can’t stand you... I love you dearly. Mi angel