i recently graduated and figured writing some tips might be useful to some people who are anxious about starting college.

1. be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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it's scary to go from the comfort of living at home to sharing a dorm room with another person - and that's okay! being nervous for this new journey is okay! if you ever feel yourself getting nervous, just remember that everyone has either gone through the same situation or is currently in the same boat as you. these new situations are scary, but they're all part of growing up and living away from home.

2. join clubs to find people who share your hobbies & interests.

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most schools will have a sort of "club fair" where you can sign up for any clubs you're interested in. my biggest regret is not joining clubs in my freshman year. my advice is: if you're interested, go to the meeting and if you end up not liking it, then you don't have to go back. at least give it a try - it's better than looking back and asking yourself "what if" later on.

3. find somewhere new to study.

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during finals week you won't want to be anywhere near the library as it suddenly becomes every student's favorite study spot (i'm guilty of this one). find a lounge or cafe where you can sit and crank out work you have to do.

4. figure out a system of organization that works for you.

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i'm a very visual learner, so having a bullet journal and other visual cues helped me to remember meetings and other events i was attending. figure out your system and learn to live by it! this is something that took me almost a year to figure out, but once i did things got so much easier.

5. remember to take care of yourself!

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college is stressful and it's so easy to get lost in your classes and forget about self-care. but this is arguably the most important time in your life to take care of yourself and your body! take 10-15 minutes each day (at the least!) for you. use a face mask, meditate, read a book - anything that makes you feel good. also, don't forget to drink water!!

6. you might not find "your people" right away.

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realizing that the people i met in my first month at college weren't going to be my best friends was a hard thing to come to terms with. so don't worry about making life-long friends right away. be yourself and the right people will find their way to you.

7. if you're going to drink - make sure you have food and water before bed.

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alternatively, drink pedialyte or gatorade... any of those is good to get you rehydrated and minimize a hangover.