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name: lucy holland
age: 23
birthdate: October 3rd, 1946, libra
home: from Nashville, Tennessee // lives in Hollywood, California
occupation: article writer, song writer, performer for a television show


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Lucy has long golden hair and bangs. She has a skinny and athletic body and freckles line her face. She wears classic 60s makeup with pink lips and dark eyes.


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Lucy likes bright colors and mini skirts.


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Lucy believes that being educated and kind are the two best qualities and weapons for women.


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Lucy's parents are the greatest people she knows. Her father is Jack Holland, he was a pilot in WWI and WWII, now he is a mechanic. Her mother is Dorothy Holland, a writer and stay at home mother. Lucy has four sisters. She has one older sister, Nancy. Then she has three younger sisters, Barbara, Betty, and Donna. Lucy lived with them all in a trailer park in Nashville, until she moved to Hollywood.

House in Hollywood

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Anyone who comes into Lucy's house can tell right away, she likes pink. The first living space is the only room not pink, she didn't want anyone to be to alarmed when they first enter her house. Lucy is very proud of her hollywood home.


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Lucy appeared on many tv shows including the Brady Bunch, the Monkees, and the Laugh In. She also sang a lot of her songs on the The Ed Sullivan Show. Lucy even had her own show, similar to the dolly parton show or the johnny cash show. She sat on stage with her guitar sang songs to the audience, taught lessons about respect and kindness to children, and ran funny skits for the adults watching. All the songs she sang were either her own or covers of mostly country and rock n roll.

Hollywood Friends

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Lucy became very close to Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones when she worked on The Monkees. They are her closest friends, they spend most of their time together. Lucy is also friends with television actress Sally Field and Mary Tyler Moore. Lucy met Robert Redford in Hollywood on a set of one of his movies. The two hit it off right away.

Love Interest

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Sawyer Woods, 25, actor, charming, funny, and very handsome. Lucy met Sawyer at a premiere for one of his movies where he played the heartthrob. Sawyer saw her blonde hair from behind during one of his interviews. When Lucy turned around, clutch in hand, Sawyer lost his train of thought couldn't hear the interviewer anymore. He came back from space and told the interviewer that his manager needed him. He beelined towards Lucy. Lucy hadn't blushed so hard in her life when Sawyer told her that he watched her show every thursday. The pair went on their first date of many the next day.