10 days.

10 f**king days, that’s all that’s left before I leave my hometown - the one where I basically spent my entire life - to go to college. It is only 1 hour drive from home, so you’ll all say “well ok, that’s just around the corner” but what scares me the most isn’t the fact that I’ll leave home. Indeed, college years are the best according to some people :

living on your own, going out whenever you want to, buying alcohol and all the crap you weren’t allowed to buy before, having responsibilities (well maybe not that one though lol) and just enjoying life at its fullest while you’re still young.

Yes, you’re right, all of it seems appealing and actually I can’t wait to experience college life.

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But on another hand, moving out means being separated from my besties, and cutting with my little habits

bye bye Saturday night parties, Sunday hangovers that prevented us to do homework and Monday dark circles as well as chatting in mathematics about the party and regrets to have gone out that weekend, but still managing to redo all that the next weekend… adios endless giggles in economics class and board games that made time pass a lil faster… ciao to those acquaintances/former friends I said “hello” to every morning but I’ll probably never talk to anymore…

And that is the scariest part of the process : going to a town where I don’t know anyone, having to come out of my shell, to meet new people, make new friends, wondering if they’ll accept me, if they’ll like me just as much as my hometown friends do or if they’ll pretend to, if I’ll spend the rest of my college years with them or if I’ll be left apart after a few weeks… Creating my own new habits, taking care of myself, staying healthy and in good shape because my parents won’t be there to remind me to rest, to take a jacket when I go out, or to eat balanced meals; managing my budget so I don’t end the month eating pasta for every meal, motivate myself to go out there to do my laundry, to do groceries even if I have to walk a few miles for that and the weather isn’t even nice, waking up in the morning and not being able to snooze the alarm because if I do I’ll be late for school for sure, and so on...

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10 days. 10 little days. That’s all that’s left before summer break is kind of over for me, before I have to prepare for back to school.

What will I wear ? Will I know someone in my class ? Will I lost myself in the hallways ? Will my teachers be nice ? So many questions that replace summer’s airiness !

10 days may seem a short time but it’s still a whole week and a half, which is better than nothing, also meaning there’s plenty of time to prepare for moving out, to figure out what's going on, to grow up but also to burst into tears, to get excited and worried at the same time. However, for now summer isn’t over yet, a rainy day doesn’t mean there’s no sunny days coming ahead, so I can mope in my room ‘til there’s no days left, but I can also make the most of these last days in town.

Call my friends, make plans and for once, actually achieve them. Spend time with my family, ask to go to a nice place to have dinner before I leave, or spend chill nights at home all together, playing games and watching movies. Fix whatever I have to fix before I go : friendships, cleaning my room, finishing a project I started a while ago… all that must be ended. Start sorting my stuff : what I’ll bring with me, anything is worthless : a picture of loved ones, a souvenir, my comfy clothes, an empty notebook, my favorite pen, they all matter in some way. Plan stuff to do when I’ll be on my own, before school starts : exploring the city, going to small coffee shops, shopping, cooking good meals, taking care of myself, anything that’ll make me feel at home.
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Well, as you may have understood, I move out for the first time soon (it's not like it's the 10th time I write it lol) which is a big change in a lifetime, at least that’s the way it feels like right now… Maybe in a few months or years I’ll laugh looking back at this, but for now it’s both scary and exciting at the same time. And as WHI is truly like a mini blog/diary where I can share my thoughts as well as interact with you guys about it, it just felt natural to write an article about that time of my life. Actually I’m thinking on doing a series of articles ‘til back to school to keep you updated about my situation and my feelings, and share my newly experience to those who are in the same situation or who will be soon (I see u high school students ehe).

I hope you enjoyed reading me, if you have any advice, want to share your own experience or just talk, feel free to send me a message !

--- Flo’