Lately I've been obsessing over astrology and made my friends download and use the co-star app. If you have a similar chart let me know!

-Sun in Libra
(ego, identity, & role in life)

-Fundamentally oriented towards fairness and justice.
-Generous relativism allows me to see both sides of every situation, though this may sometimes come off as indecisive or insecure.
-Frequently question myself and rethink my views.

It's in the 12th house meaning I feel the need to distinguish myself from others through privacy, secrets and introspection.

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-Moon in Taurus
(emotions, moods, & feelings)

-My emotional self is very romantic and sentimental.
-Deeply loyal to the people I care about, and try hard to maintain security and stability within those relationships.
-I often feel powerless to fix messy situations, but my way of thinking through these things is sensible and practical.

It's in the 8th house meaning I find security and safety through darkness, taboos, rebirth, sex, and transformation.

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-Ascendant in Libra
(Mask you present to people)

-I come off as compromising , courteous, and fair-minded though sometimes passive aggressive.
-I seem inclined towards balance in all forms: aesthetic, romantic, and judgement.

-Mercury in Libra
(How I communicate, talk, think, & process information)

-My intellect sees both sides to every situation.
-I'm a charming and diplomatic relativist, searching for balance in every set of ideas, though this may come off as insincere or indecisive.

It's in the 12th house meaning I am curious about and inclined to analyze my secrets, dreams and mental health.

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-Venus in Scorpio
(Determines how and what you love, indicates how you express affection and the qualities you're attracted to)

-My romantic side is mysterious, passionate, and seductive.
-The intense depths of your devotion make for a mad and boundless love, though they may sometimes mutate into suspicion, jealousy, cruelty, making my love life somewhat tumultuous.

It's in the first house meaning that for me, love is often expressed in my self and self image. Venus in Scorpio is hyper-present in my personality since it's in the first house.

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I still have to write about my Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signs, if you are interested I can write a pt.2 so please let me know.

Also all the information was derived from the Co-star app. If you want to learn more about astrology or what houses mean, I recommend watching Kendall Rae on youtube, she makes amazing astrology videos that are in depth and easy to follow.