Girls let's just get straight into this. Staying organized is so important so let me help you out.

use highlighters & colored pens

It's less complicated if you use colors for the important terms and extra things, you will find them faster and remember them faster. It also makes your notes more organized and pretty to look at so when you go back to them, you will understand them. But don't take too much time about making them pretty! You also need to listen to what the teacher says and understand it. That's what my next tip is gonna help you with.
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rewrite your notes

I wanna start doing this because a lot of people have said it's really handy plus you have time to make it more understandable and easier to study. And you don't need to listen to someone talking the whole time and just rewrite it the way you want, the way you understand it, your own words.
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keep your school stuff organized

Your French papers, notes, work in one place. Math in one place, everything in there own place so it's easy for you to find them! Also if you organize everything in a binder, or not, organize the topics of the subject!
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Don't leave homework, presentations, studying, etc for last minute

We. Don't. Like. Stressing. If you do your homework the day you get it, work on presentations, essays the day you get it, you will be done in 1/2 weeks! Maybe 3 but you started it and will work on it so it's done in no time. It takes 3 days to learn something, so begin like a week or something with making flashcards, quizzes, and all that stuff so you're prepared. And if you start earlier than 3 days studying good for the test- girl you got this! But 3/4 days is also perfect believe me. But take the studying seriously or you will never understand it.
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declutter once a week

Going trough your work, putting it where it should be. Clean your backpack, clean your desk and room. It will really keep you organized.
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time management

Time management is the key guys! know when you will make something and for how long (No need to do it I don't do it either, just to some stuff like presentations, etc but not on homework or actual studying. I don't like it ahaha but maybe you will). It's important to know when your gonna do something. Like: 'I'm gonna make flashcards before school, after school I will make my homework and study and after dinner, I will finish studying', It's less stressful.
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have a clean study area

Having a mess around you and on your study area isn't gonna help you stay focussed and motivated. A messy room will not help either. so keep it clean so you actually wanna get your sh*t done.
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planning everything

I say this so much but guys, come on. It's so helpful, I don't even need to explain it again, do I?
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folders for schoolwork

One to bring with you to put all the paper in that you get and one big home with like 12 sections to organize it with all your subjects.
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complete one task at a time

Focus at one task at a time and complete one at a time, not 2/3 things at once. You can focus better this way and actually do it well and understand it.
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Have a binder for summery's

I will start this year with doing this. You basically have one binder where you write in all your summary's about every subject, organized by the subject of course with those things that I forgot the name of 😎. This way you have everything with you in one place + it's handy if you will study outside or something.
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That was it! I hope it was helpfull.
See you in my next article!

Kiss, Kiss,