In the following 30 days you will find tricks and advice how to get out from daily depression and anxiety.
Do this daily healing adventure with me for a month and I guarantee you will feel way much better.

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Start to put daily plans because living organised will improve your life to another level.
Personally I have that horrible habit that sometimes I organize my days and I put daily scedule but after few days I simply forget about it and I fall out of the circle of having organized days which is actually a big problem because living randomly will make you skip some important things of your day with a thought in your head ( ahh, today i forgot,lets do it tomorrow) and in the end you will never do it :D
Living with scedule also will help you to put goals in your life.
These simple daily "goals" will be the first steps and after a while your brain will create more goals to make you sure that you life is not worthless.

I will share with you my "tomorrow scedule" as example.

-Wake up 6:30 am
-Do 15 mins stretching
-Make some healthy breakfast
-Go to work
-Eat at least 3 times / day
-Drink 2 liter liquid
-After work do 20 mins exercise
-Cook for the next day
-Tidy room
-Choose cloth for next day
-Relax/watch movie before sleep

What about your day?
Feel free to share with me yours to inspire each other !

Good luck guys and see you tomorrow with the day 2 out of depression and anxiety challenge xXX