Do you ever think back to what you once was? Do you cringe at what you did or laugh at your outgoing moments? I was just thinking about what I would of changed about my past life. But then I realize...wait, if I had changed then would I be as eager to change now? Some times I really don't know. For one this year, I was like Imma start dance, imma be cool, imma have a cute friend group...Then BAM! my parents decided to take me out of school and home school me. And now I have whole new expectations. Like, should I have a new friend group? I didn't consider my friends last year ideal, but now I wonder if I had stayed in school, would I have made that friend group you find in books, or would it be the same? So I have so weird thoughts that when I look back to the memorable time when I was pulled from school, would I feel okay with it? Would I have made some better friends that I would like way better than the ones I had then? I put my worries to the sky, where I know God is listening and hope for the best.^_^