Hey mis amores!

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1) Excuse Me

His space crowds out your space
Your space
Your space crowds out hers
Coffee breath and headphone hiss
But no-one says a word
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2) Ban All The Music

Play an illegal song
And turn it up louder
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3) Wake Up Call

Step out, this town
Has nothing that I wanna know
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4) Itch

There's a hunger in my heart, it's full of promise, promise
I just wanna feel something real
There's a blood red on my shirt and it's shining, shining
There's a sharp pain from my face, I kinda like it, I like it
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5) If I Get High

If I get high enough, will I see you again?
I fill my lungs every night
Not long to wait
And if I do this thing right
I dream of our escape
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6) Graveyard Whistling

All that afterlife
I don't hold with it
All your gods are false
Just get used to it
Let's go out tonight
Kill some stubborn myths
Okay, I'll admit
I'm not innocent
I did everything
And I would again
No one's getting younger
Would you like a souvenir?
Let it take you under
Feel your worries disappear
Cause if you don't believe
It can't hurt you
And when you let it leave
It can't hurt you
Cause if you don't believe
Then you know and you know it can never do you harm
If you don't believe
It can't hurt you
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7) Hostage

The night and the dark appreciate
The light and the heat we generate
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8) Trip Switch

Making waves through the universe
Starting wars with anonymous brothers
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9) Lover, Please Stay

So take from me
What you want
What you need
Take from me
Whatever you want
Whatever you need
But lover, please stay with me
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10) Drawing Pins

Every thought is fighting
They're not falling into place
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11) Painkiller

Your love is a painkiller
Sweet tasting overdose
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12) Tempt You (Evocatio)

Heaven, it's lonely in your heaven
Darling we should get together
I could worship you forever
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13) Honey Whiskey

The honey whiskey's kickin'
Go down, go down, go down
I think I better go, before I try something
I might regret, I might regret
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14) Hanging

Some days never end
That depends
Where do you wanna go?
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15) Neon Brother

In the night, in the night, this is how it goes
We are all or nothing
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16) Six Billion

The end is the same for everyone
Should be enough for us to be as one
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Favourite songs:

  • Graveyard Whistling
  • Hanging
  • Honey Whiskey
  • Excuse Me
  • If I Get High