growing up and getting closer to death i know the title of this article is scary i know but its because its the truth we are all growing up and dying and it's suppose to be scary but it doesnt have to JUST be scary it can be exciting, stressful, encouraging and many more emotions depending on you. but to me its exciting and encouraging. exciting cus i dont know what im going to be able accomplish next and encouraging because theres more to life than just the bad things that have happen and that are happening...thats what keeps me going the encouragement of the 'what if?' like what if i do get myself out of this small town? what if i do get a better job? what if i do meet someone worthy of my time? what if i do get into college? what if i do become everything I've daydreamed of ?
this article is semi serious because i feel like im not alone on this and if you feel like you are alone im here to tell you you're not you have some girl you dont feeling what you're feeling to and maybe even a million of others feeling the same so yes be scared but dont let you being scared stop you from making changes in your life get out there and making choices for YOU not for someone else focus on yourself and only you first. future you will be so grateful and will be so amazed as to how far you've made it.

i had started writting this for me when i was having a really bad night on my word vomit journal and i just didnt finish until rn which is like idk how many days passed butttt the questions i had asked about college and someone worthy of my time and about a better job have been anwsered i got in which i never thought i would be able to do ...i met a guy and hes nothing like the guys I've known or met hes the complete opposite in a good way and i plan on quitting my job for school.
im scared but its okay i know i can still do it.

and the getting closer to death part i added that in there because we're all alive one day we don't know if we'll be alive the next so make choices that will benefit you that will help you make amazing mermories that will make you lay in bed with joy saying that you did it. whatever' it' may be big or small its still a choice that you made that YOU think will benefit you and thats all matters because it's your one and only life.