basic info
real name: bang Soobin - 수빈
English: name: Olivia
stage name: Soobin
birthday: 18th january 2001
zodiac: capricorn
age: 18
nationality: australian- korean
birth place: Sydney, Australia
company: jyp
training period: 3 years
Position: lead rapper, main vocalist, dancer and producer
she's bang chan's little sister

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soobin bang
babies image asian, asian baby, and babies image
with her older brother bang chan

height: 164 cm
weighy: 57kg
hair color: black
eye color: brown

her style:

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award shows:

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on stage:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It black, fashion, and outfit image fashion image dress, black, and fashion image

food : watermelon and junk food

anime image anime image

color : red and black

aesthetic, black and red, and red image aesthetic, alternative, and art image

role model(s) : sunmi, hyuna and hwasa her brother (bang chan)

Image removed fashion, idol, and kpop image stray kids, Chan, and bang chan image aesthetic, korean, and kpop image

likes : hanging with idol friends, dancing, reading, sleeping and watching YouTube videos
dislikes : homophobic and racist people

extra facts
- she debuted on februari 2th 2018
- she collebrate with itzy's Yeji
- there have been rumors going on about soobin dating with han jisung from stray kids but it hasnt been comfrimed yet.

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yeji form itzy and jisung from straykids


Flagged For Review
straykids (she's very close with all of them mostly because of her brother)
Image removed jaemin, nct, and nct dream image yves, loona, and kpop image astro, kpop, and sanha image
(g)i-dle's yuqi, nct's jaemin, loona's heejin and astro'sanha (school friends)

her personality

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