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♡ bring the spice

i am latina. it is a basic need.
colors, aesthetic, and beautiful image girl, rose, and flowers image
you can find: bad bunny, drake, paloma mami, rosalía, shakira, and more

♡ let me think

to listen while you look at the sunset through your window.
aesthetic, window, and glitter image bed, aesthetic, and interior image
you can find: sasha sloan, billie eilish, alessia cara, shawn mendes, halsey, and more

♡ i miss you

missing that person.
Temporarily removed love, couple, and sea image
you can find: louis tomlinson, lord huron, ed sheeran, labrinth, niall horan, and more

♡ for those white nights

for those cloudy, cold days. // winter season
city, travel, and architecture image cold, aesthetic, and beautiful image
you can find: one direction, jonas brothers, topic, ally brooke, billie eilish, and more

♡ je t'aime

just imagine a world with him/her.
tom holland, actor, and Marvel image quotes, aesthetic, and grunge image
you can find: selena gomez, ariana grande, justin bieber, halsey, miley cyrus, and more

♡ the strawberry season

think about beautiful flowers.
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you can find: varsity, troye sivan, alessia cara, lany, ed sheeran, and more

♡ sunflower

the only tunes that can make me feel different than normal.
freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image Temporarily removed
you can find: sigrid, grant landis, pharell williams, camila cabello, daniel skye, and more

♡ autumn leaves

orange and coffee.
autumn, fall, and pumpkin image book, autumn, and fall image
you can find: tall heights, patrick james, hippo campus, blink-182, gardiner sisters, and more

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