Hola niños!
(I know 2 words in spanish, mom are you proud of me yet?)
Before you read this article, I am not a creep, I just have a big imagination and like to make up random characters in my head. I am also doing you a favor if you are writing a story but can't think about any male characters. You are welcome kids:)

Morning boy

Loves dogs even tho he is allergic
Doesn't know how his room gets messy so fast
Failing Chemistry
Annoys you to get your attention
Goes to Starbucks just to see if they write his name right
Lazy to go to the barber shop
Jamming to random songs

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Annoyed 24/7

Always late
Denim jackets
"Yeah just stop talking already"
Lowkey ashamed of wearing glasses
Hates fake people
Sleeping in classes
Doesn't remember birthdays
Gets annoyed randomly
Sarcastic smiles

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The underrated one

Hates small talks
Slightly introverted
"That wasn't even funny"
Doesn't really get poetry
Unique laugh

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The Adventurous one

Tie dye
dreaming about having a minivan
Night owl
Man bun
Mood swings
Pineapple DOES belong on pizza
Road trips
Dirty shoes

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Head in clouds

Addicted to junk food
Can't seem to get a girlfriend bc he friendzones every girl
"I don't do social media"
Jokes about serious stuff
Prefers meeting in person than texting
Moves on fast

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