I've been going through amnesia
doing nothing but attending my own pity parties
all alone
waiting for a text that'll never come
staring at my phone

I've been going through amnesia
drowning under the ashes
of all the lovely things I've lost
forgetting entirely
that staying in the bottom has its cost

I've been going through amnesia
but I'm getting tired of being a prisoner
of my own insecurities

What is the meaning of life
if not going through hell
and being reborn
over and over again?

A phoenix would never die
if it couldn't rise from the ashes
shining more brightly than ever

a phoenix would never even bother to die

I want to be able to stand up
after my heart has been ripped from my chest
and say to all the villains in my head
that I don't believe they've yet done their best.