Hey Lovelies! Sorry I haven't uploaded an article in a while, I was at dance camp and then was on vacation for 2 weeks! But today I am writing an article all the essentials for back to school! Hope you like it!

1) Girl Emergency Kit
Pack a makeup bag full of emergency essentials and keep it in your backpack or locker. Inside include:

-Compact Mirror/Face Powder
-Cough Drops, Tums, Advil (if allowed at your school)
-Tide Stain Remover Pen
-Travel Sized Deodorant
-Hair ties
-Small snacks (Granola bars, fruit snacks, goldfish, trail mix)
-Back up outfit
-Makeup Wipes
-Hand sanitizer

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2) Essential School Supplies

-Folders, labeled for each class
-Cute pencil case. life hack: makeup bags are a super cute pencil case!
-Planner! I also use planner stickers to stay organized
-Mechanical Pencils
-Black, red, and blue pens
-Highlighters. They make notes more visually appealing and easier to remember.
-Lined college rule paper

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3) Outfit Ideas!

-During the fall and winter, an essential go-to outfit which is easy to throw on, cheap, and warm is a swater with jeans. Forever 21 has so many cute sweaters under $20. And Hollister has good quality jeans which sometimes go on sale for $25.

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-During the colder months, or if your school blasts the AC, teddy jackets, warm cardigans, or bomber jackets are a MUST! Pair it with a plain, solid-colored top underneath, layering to adjust to the weather.

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-If you love chic fashion, pair a black long sleeved top with a black and white skirt. Chokers are also a good way to add a touch of glam.

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-Here are some basic outfit ideas, which consist of the essentials: denim jackets, flannels, scarfs, comfy tees, combat boots, sneakers, and sweaters

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4) Life Hacks to Save Time and Get Ready Faster!

-Layout your clothes the night before

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-Pack your snacks and non-perishable food in your lunch the night before

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That's all for this article! If you want back to school lunch/breakfast/snack ideas, or study life hacks, heart this article!

XOXO, Bianca