- Name -

Léa Novarra, 18 yo

- Apparence -

blue, pain, and aesthetics image hair, aesthetic, and blonde image art, lips, and princess image stars, eyes, and eye image
Pale skin, blond hair and ocean eyes

- Zodiac Sign -

Leo ( 08/13/2001)

- Blood Status -

harry potter and muggleborn image

- Style -

Image by Karen jeans, outfit, and pants image

- House -

book, gryffindor, and harry potter image lion and animal image gryffindor, harry potter, and red image gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image

- Pet -

cat, black, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

- Favourite subjects -

gif, harry potter, and care of magical creatures image harry potter image gif, harry potter, and hogwarts image astronomy, class, and gif image
Mostly intellectual, she loves to learn new things at the library ( especially forbidden charms ) She spends time on with weird and dangerous creatures, that scare her crush.

- Favourite place -

book, autumn, and fall image
The Hogwarts Library, her secret place with her crush, Hugo.

- Patronus -

fox image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
A little fox

- Intersest -

baby girl, pink, and princes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, girl, and aesthetic image aesthetic, petals, and bath image
Sex, again and again, reading erotic or psychoanalytic books, art ( drawing, watercolor or painting ) and hot flower bath...

- Amortentia -

Image removed bed, bedsheets, and cozy image back, boy, and Nude image autumn, fall, and coffee image
Peony, fresh laundry, boy's skin smell and autumn

- Crush -

love, couple, and art image Image by benedettaa
Hugo Chanoir, an English Gryffindor, her best friend, protector and lover