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Sorry, I have been gone for so long. I will explain it in my next post. But since back to school season has started ( at least for some of you) I will present you my tips on how to prepare for the next semester or school year.


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I can’t stress enough how important this topic is for me. With a clear space you will have a clear mind. Tidy up your room and sort through all the things you don’t need anymore. Now is the perfect time for that. Throw away anything you don’t need and start the new school year fresh. Don’t forget to clean out all of your school stuff from last year. Put all your handwritten notes in a binder and clean out your laptop. Since I’m going to university and try to go as paperless as possible, I back up all my data in an external hard drive, so. I have enough space on my macbook for the new semester and I will not lose any of my data.


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Now start planning and get yourself a planner! If you are in university, you can already make your timetable for all your classes and write down all the exams and papers which are due. Especially concerning papers, it’s important to plan enough time in advance to do your research. Don’t do it one week before it’s due.


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One of my favorites is to revision my classes from the last semester and prepare for the following classes. Usually the classes in the next semester will deepen the topics you had in the last semester. Make sure to revision everything and to restudy topics you have not been really good at. I usually do digital summaries but at the end of the semester I will write everything down on paper again. This is super fun ( especially if it looks pretty , if you need any inspiration make sure to check out my study collection)

It is what it is. Accept it and move on.
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