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Hello, Another Disney tag ^^. I Can't hold myself back to do this tag myself! So let's get starting!!


Favorite Princess Movie

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Tangled, Love this movie.

Non Princess Favorite Movie

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The Lion King (1994) I adored this movie when I was a kid. I still love it now!

Favorite Princess

eye, eyes, and green image rapunzel, tangled, and crown image hair, flowers, and hairstyle image rebel, quotes, and die image
Rapunzel, I love her so much. She is so funny and loveable!

Favorite Prince

Temporarily removed aladdin and mena massoud image Temporarily removed aladdin image
Prince Ali (Aladdin)

Favorite Hero

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Peter Pan, Never grow up!

Favorite Heroine

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Tinkelbell, I love this girl! I so happy she also get her own movies!

Favorite Sidekick

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Abu, I love that little monkey!
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Timon and Pumba, I love those two!

Favorite Villain

maleficent image princess, disney, and villain image maleficent, disney, and wallpaper image maleficent, disney, and aurora image

Favorite characters

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Oliver - Oliver and Co
disney, simba, and wallpaper image disney image
Simba - The Lion king

Favorite Songs

Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, crown, and wallpaper image
I just can't wait to be king - Lion king
disney, oliver and company, and dodger image quote image
Why should I worry - Oliver and Co
disney, princess jasmine, and disney movie image aladdin, jasmine, and naomi scott image
Speechless - Aladdin (2019)
Image by ashuu princess, rapunzel, and typo image
When will my live begin - Tangled
arte, dibujo, and divertido image Image by greta
Hakuna Matata - Lion king
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Fixer Upper - Frozen
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And alot more but I have to list them all I still typing tomorrow so for now just this few one up here!

Childhood Movie

Temporarily removed gif, disney, and kittens image disney, oliver and company, and gif image Temporarily removed
Oliver and Company

Favorite recent movie

amazing, awesome, and dia de los muertos image coco, pixar, and disney image Temporarily removed dark, skeleton, and hand image

Favorite Live Action

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I love a lot of live actions of Disney. but I Choose for a really underrated one Enchanted.

Favorite Pixar Movie

disney, nemo, and finding nemo image aquarium, blue, and fish image cinema, finding dory, and 🏢 image dory, disney, and finding dory image
Finding Dory

First movie

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The Lion King (1994)

Favorite Dress

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Giselle's Marry dress - Enchanted
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This the end of my article! Bye bye