Hey babes! In this article, I'll show you some Nicki Minaj's songs where she sings and it's almost impossible to regonize her. Her voice is so beautiful.
Let's start

Dark Side Of The Moon

lil wayne, dark side of the moon, and nicki minaj image lil wayne and nicki minaj image

Save Me

Temporarily removed cry, crying, and girl image


Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨ Image by I'm_Sabrina


automatic, nickiminaj, and queenofrap image nicki minaj and automatic image

Marilyn Monroe

Image removed Image removed

Young Forever

photo shoot, nicki minaj, and young forever image young forever and nicki minaj image

Fire Burns

Temporarily removed fire burns, love, and nicki minaj image

Gun Shot

pink, song, and nicki minaj image gif, gun shot, and music video image

Run & Hide

orange, cover, and nicki minaj image Image removed

2 Lit 2 Late

red and nicki minaj image nicki minaj and 2 lit 2 late image

Thought I Knew You

nicki minaj and the weeknd image nicki minaj, the weeknd, and thought i knew you image

Your Love

your love, pink friday, and Lyrics image pink friday and nicki minaj image

Thanks for reading and check out these songs and my Nicki Minaj collection

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