hey everyone! I know that when I've been in school previous years, it's important to have all the school essentials but not to carry a heavy bag around that can really hurt your back and neck. so here are the practical but not needless things I have in my backpack for high school.

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✬ my laptop

for me, having a laptop or iPad is crucial for school, because so many teachers are setting assignments and projects online rather than on paper.

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✬ bottle of water

stay hydrated! and instead of using tons of plastic bottles, get yourself a cute reusable one.

✬ pencil case

you need stationary supplies for school, obviously... but try to stick to the essentials and save some money by not buying 1000 highlighters in the same colour! I'm guilty of this myself, so don't make the same mistake I do every year.

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✬ folder

I'm not sure about other schools in the UK, but in my school, students have big folders instead of exercise books. I'd suggest having a spare folder for loose sheets of paper so that you don't lose them.

✬ beauty bag

if your school lets you wear makeup, then you may want to have a makeup bag with spare powder, mascara, lip gloss etc. this can also be used for things like sanitary products, hand sanitiser or hair bands.

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✬ reading book

I like having the book I'm reading handy in my school backpack in case I'm bored or need to wait after school.

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