While the blankets suddenly feel different
And my eyes start to get out of focus
I feel myself fading
By every breath

I see things I shouldn't have seen
And wonder why nightmares appear in daytime too
My body freezes more and more
Unable to respond

He talks to me
I see him somewhere far away
While the darkness consumes me more
I can't even respond

What if I die like this?
With water in my eyes
And lungs running out of oxygen
What if this is really the end?

He grabs me
Holds me close
And tells me it's not the end
Not now, not yet

And my heartbeat slows down
The darkness fades a bit
Second by second
But a part of me always leaves with the dark

Just like she did
This is not how I want to end
I don't want to be broken piece to piece
And leave like a broken mirror

Because everyone will see
How much it hurted
Because you always mirror emotions on others
In the end, its about the end