Heyoo! I thought that I should share my favourite BTS solo songs. I love each member! And I love their group songs, obviously. But it is nice to get a solo song every now and then. The list will include solos, rap line, vocal line, duets and cover songs. I feel like there might be more of these lists in the future, so in no particular order, let’s get it!

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[1] V – Winter Bear || This song is very recent, it was released the 9th of August 2019. I can tell that V worked so hard on this song and it’s so heart-warming to listen to and watch. I feel like V’s voice doesn’t really get used to its full potential in OT7 songs, but in his solos, you can hear his range and abilities so much better! Also, his English has improved so much!! So proud!
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[2] Rap Line – Ddaeng || When I first heard the song in their 2018 Festa (Festa is when they celebrate their debut date) I immediately fell in love with it. It’s easy to tell that RM, Suga and J-Hope worked so hard on this, and it was released in the 2018 memories just how they did work on it. They wanted to make it perfect for us ARMY, and they did!
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[3] RM – Moonchild [Mono] || There’s something about this song that just calms me, I think it’s like for a lot of people as well :) I love singing along to it and just find it so relaxing. I absolutely love Mono mixtape and it’s so different from his first mixtape.
[4] Agust D – Agust D [Agust D] || (That’s a lot of Agust D I just typed) This is so Yoongi, it’s his style and all him! I can feel myself getting hyped up when I listen to it and I’m just sitting on my bed doing nothing. He never fails to amaze me with how fast he can rap, he makes it sounds easy.
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[5] RM – Do You [RM] || I love the aesthetic of this MV, I love the lyrics as well, if you haven’t read the lyrics then I recommend that you do! His first mixtape is absolutely amazing and deserves so much more love!
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[6] Jimin – Promise || Jimin’s vocals in this song are amazing!! I find myself listening to it whenever I feel stressed or anxious and it helps so much. I also love how the other members came up with the promise dance for the songs.
jin, recording, and tonight image
[7] Jin – Tonight || VOCAL KING!! I feel like Jin’s vocals don’t really get used to their full potential and when he releases solos songs/covers it’s easy to tell how hard he has worked to get to where he is now. He makes singing high notes look easy he’s just that talented!
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[8] Jungkook – Paper Hearts || Let me say one thing first, JUNGKOOK’S ENGLISH HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH! I hope he continues to work hard! I love how he sings the song in this own way.
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[9] Jin & V – Even If I Die, It’s You || Jin and V singing together dies Their vocals are such a perfect combination that when they sang it in their 2018 Festa I danced (J-Hope would be ashamed of my dancing) so much!
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[10] J-Hope – Hangsang || THIS SONG IS A BOP! After a long time, J-Hope finally released his first mixtape and let me just say that IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It’s easy to see why it took so long, he wanted to make it perfect and he did!