please don’t worry about what happens with this phd
I’m most most likely gonna graduate anyways with perhaps way more crappy thesis than everyone had ever expected, but hey this is life things go north things go south
Allah razı olsun for your encouraging words, feelings prayers
And even for a very slightest of the chances if I’d fail I’d never consider my years lost here
Yes I have and will have many regrets like most of us do with so many mistakes I made all along, but giving in early is not one of them until I know it’s not possible anymore or it got so complicated that is not worth trying to resolve it anymore. I’m what my fellow gamers call an annoying cockroach player:)
Hope you’re very well, and I look forward to hear you finished your thesis, godspeed, may Allah give you sabır and inşirah so you see it through with as little as possible stress inşallah
Take care