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Welcome to one more article! Today I bring you a very important article and the beginning of my back to school series! We all have some difficulties organizing for back to school, so nothing better than this article to help you! Hope you like it! Thanks for 6k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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Let's start with one of the hardest things to organize, the roles, after that, you'll get everything organized.

  • Folder
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The folder will be use to be in the backpack, so we can save the files that teachers give among other things. Apart from being more organized and not scattered around the backpack, the papers don't spoil!

  • Notebook
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This is kind of obvious, it will do the exercises and take notes. I prefer notebook to math because I write and use it a lot, so it's much more efficient than walking with lots of sheets behind me! But attention I only use the notebook in class, at home I do everything in sheets to add in the binder.

  • Binder
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Now here it is, that the real organization begins! If you have several subjects I would advise buying one for each subject, especially if you have a lot of material.

First of all, stick in front of the binder, a paper with all your tests and exams, this is very important, because as you will use it every day (I suppose), you will never forget the dates.

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Inside, the first page advised that it be all the topics and subtopics of the subject that will be given throughout the year, and horizontally at the top, write: class in the subject, summary, exercises. Use excel to do this! In this first sheet, we will have a code, the green underline, will serve to underline content that we already understand well, the yellow we need a look at and the red for what we don't know!

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The binder will be organized by those dividers and as I use one binder for each discipline, I use these dividers to separate the main themes. This way everything will be more organized and it will be easier to start studying. In each theme, I keep summaries, all the exercises I do at home and tokens that the teacher gives.

  • Plan your day
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I bought this notebook from muji, to organize this year, I will use the square method, basically make five frames and those are the five goals of the day.

  • Pencil Case

Apart from the papers, there are other aspects that need to be organized, such as the pencil case.
I am trying to be as efficient and minimalistic as possible this year, so I will use the basics.

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*black pen
*two highlighters
  • phone / laptop
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And last but not least, electronic equipment. Deleting those unnecessary photos and apps you don't use will make your computer or phone cleaner and make things easier to find.

Until next article!
All the love Jéni Xx